C-Print 59,4 × 84,1 cm

Ceramic 35 × 40 cm and 29 × 27 cm

Installation view

Installation view


After a stroke Patient #1 lost the ability to speak. But he could still articulate himself through a single sound, repeating ‘ton’ in a certain intonation. The fact that he used exactly this sound, that as a morpheme is at the same time part of the the word ‘intonation’, prompted me to analyse a recording of Patient #1 with the audio software tool Melodyne, nomarly being used to correct wrong intonations. Through the audio anaylsis of this vocal expression I realized the similarity between the visualized soundwaves and the shape of vases.

When we talk about relationships vessels usually serve as a metaphorical reference: ‘We are in a relationship’, ‘What's in it for me?’. Working with clay, the material also reminded me of relationships: if something doesn’t work out in the beginning it also affects the process. Against resistance, with effort and through compromise the desired shape can still develop – until the structure shatters as a result of the flawed initial position.

Text by Signe Boe, translation Philipp Geldmacher